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Favorite 5 Wellness Products & Gadgets


Free ios app that uses data from your phone or other tracking device to help you track your fitness/exercise goals while competing and comparing your activity with friends.  WeCompete uses in-app prizes and rewards to give you an incentive to achieve your fitness goals. The principal benefit is the ability to create challenges and invite friends to join. This motivates you to push yourself further, if only for the bragging rights you get when you come top in a challenge.  Research has also shown that working out with a partner or in a group, helps people enjoy the activity and increases the effectiveness of the workout. Download Now

2. Motiv Fitness Tracker Ring


Downsize your everyday wearable essentials with the Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring. Sitting on your finger, this compact device is packed with power. Featuring a titanium casing, Motiv tracks metrics such as steps, calories, distance, and more. In addition, it has an optical heart rate sensor. Best of all, the device is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can enjoy all of your favorite activities. Available in gray and rose gold, the Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring is complete with a LED band. This notifies you during charging and syncing. Motiv comes in your choice of seven sizes to fit any finger. Finally, despite its small size, it also has a battery to last. On a single charge, Motiv will last up to five days with tracking. Buy Now

3. ClipIts Shoelace Tidy System


Never trip over your own two feet with the ClipIts Shoelace Tidy System. Available in an array of ten colors to match any shoes, this easy to use device clips right onto your laces. First, slide your laces through the ClipIts device. Next, adjust the laces to a comfortable fit. Tie a knot and you can cut off the excess laces. Finally, close the ClipIts device over your laces. In addition, this life-changing system is sturdy and strong. Use them for any activity from walking, running, or any sports. Your laces will always stay in place! When it’s time to remove your shoes, simply unclip the ClipIts and you’re goo to go. Best of all, ClipIts come with a set of laces in an identical color for seamless matching. With this feature, they’ll work with any shoes in your closet whether they’re for sports or work. Pre-Order on Kickstarter Today

4. Rocket Bottle Portable Rechargeable Blender #ShamelessPlug


Portable blender that allows you make and take your smoothies and shakes on the go whenever you need it. It comes in a compact shape that holds a smart motor that easily detects and resolves jams by itself, adjustable blades that ensure your ingredients are thoroughly mixed into a BPA plastic container that can be carried around anywhere. The rechargeable battery can give you up to 20 blends on a single charge.  It also easily fits in a travel bag or you gym carry-on so you can stay hydrated or keep up with your diet wherever you go. Taking pre orders now

5. Ambronite - Drinkable Supermeal


We believe that a creative and ambitious individuals deserve the best possible food to live their life to the fullest. Food has a critical impact on our health, productivity and happiness. Ambronite is more than a traditional meal replacement - that's why we call it the drinkable supermeal. Each real-food supermeal covers your nutritional needs and satisfies your hunger, as well as gives you a healthy dosage of vitamins A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B7, B5, plus all 14 essential minerals and fiber. Buy Now