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Introducing The World's Best Portable Blender.

Blenders are something you usually never think to take to the beach, party or even the gym. Rocket Bottle is about to change this for good. Thanks to its powerful motor, rechargeable battery pack and portable design we can all enjoy a freshly made smoothie made with the freshest ingredients powered up with the protein and nutrients you need. Or making that signature Margarita that your friends know you for. 

The rocket bottle blender works by blending the ice to an optimal size inside the BPA free plastic container. The adjustable blades also ensure your ingredients mix thoroughly. The built-in battery holds enough power for twenty blends on a single charge. In addition, the top can be used as a measuring cup for the perfect mixing ratios. Best of all, the Rocket Bottle Portable Blender is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The idea for Rocket Bottle was born when Archie, was stationed in Afghanistan. He had trouble finding a suitable bottle to mix his protein drinks when out in the field. So he solved his problem by inventing the world's best portable blender; Rocket Bottle. 

Archie worked with a developer of custom electronics, firmware and enclosures for the military [Mobile Rugged Technologies] to produce prototype as seen in this video 

The rocket bottle is ready to go into manufacturing and we are asking the public to help fund Archie's dream. How do we plan doing this? 

We are launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 for tooling and manufacturing the mold needed to run production. The money will also go to marketing and shipping of the product to early backers who help make the crowdfunding campaign a success. 

As a member of the military, Archie wants to send care packages to a number of units stationed overseas who encounter the same problem he did while stationed in Afghanistan. 

Learn more about Archie by watching this video. 

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